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MCHelper is a famous name in the market, and we provide independent third party technical support for various brands including Apple products. We offer outstanding technical assistance to the customers 24/7 and 365 days a year. If the issue is not resolved, then no charge would be taken from the customers, and that’s a promise. My computer helper has already served more than 5 lakh happy Apple customers, and the numbers are still increasing. We offer a wide scope of support and the customers contacting My Computer helper will get out of the box solutions to their computer troubles. Though we are serving the end users for Apple and other brands for more than four years, we have made our name in the market in providing support for Apple products. My Computer Helper follows an agenda that is if the issue is not fixed, then no fee will be taken from the customers. The customers always prefer to contact MCHelper as it provides full customer satisfaction.



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Nicola C. Australia
Thank you so VERY much! You have been a huge help in resolving this issue! Have a great day!
Richard J. UK
good service from sam Richard
Sunny L. USA
Harry and Jake have been extremely helpful in diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing our system.
Laura J. USA
James has provided EXCELLENT customer support, made me feel comfortable throughout this problem and I appreciate all he has done in assisting me.

WHAT WE Offer...

We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Remote Computer Maintenance, Repair and Support

Every person in this world encounters trouble with their Apple devices which is inescapable. Whenever they do so, they cause great harm to you and your computer too. That’s the time when our role comes into the picture, we are My computer helper, and we have protected and repair experts that consistently solves all the Apple product troubles just like you. Though it is a professional third-party service provider but it provides the best help and support for Apple products in the market.

It does not matter which operating system or which software you are using our experts are always available to help you in any trouble related to your system. If you are facing issues like boot-up problems, virus infection, poor performance, instability, system freezes, or the dreaded blue screen, contact my computer helper team and your problem will get solved in minutes.

Remote access Save and Repair

There are so many computer geeks that charge high cost and wants you to disassemble your PC and then take it to them. Here at My Computer Helper, we do repair and technical support remotely. So whatever we do is done instantly, and it reduces the delay in day by day tasks that is caused by most of the Apple device issues. So, whenever you face a trouble related to your Apple device, just make a call to us and get the solution to the troubles instantly. We are a professional independent third-party service provider and we provide the best help and support for Apple products in the market.

Demonstrated Performance Solutions are just a Click far

My Computer Helper is always ready to help you with thousands of hours using proven solutions. We can resolve any trouble related to your Apple devices in much lesser time and less price with the latest and advanced generation of proprietary software. You could not imagine how fast we can resolve your trouble and restore the system performance. The services are affordable, fast and simple. If you have taken the annual subscription to our service, then you can find us available throughout the year, day and night at your service. You will get anytime help and support within the term of your service agreement.

Protected, Reasonable and Secure

We are here to identify, solve, and repair all the issues that you can experience in your Apple products whether it is system crashing issue or performance issue. We take nominal charges as free from our customers that is less than a dollar a day.

You can avail the following services at My Computer Helper

  • Recovery of Data
  • Restoration and Updates of Operating System and Software
  • Instability of the system and freezing of the system
  • Support for Apple devices
  • Inconsistent and Slow Boot-up
  • Elimination of Malware, Virus, and Spyware
  • Poor and slow performance

All the services and repair works mentioned above is done in your comfort only whether it is the office, home or any other place where there is an internet connection.

Remote Support

Let’s assume that someone came to you and started working on your system or network. If you are not present at that place, then you never know what the person is doing with your system or network. Whatever he has done will happen between the technician and your system or network. We do not have a proper way to look and stop the technician’s work, and no one can ever know what’s going on with your system or network.

There are even worst conditions of security risks if you give your Apple device to someone else in a store or service center. You could not know what is accessing your Apple device and what they are doing to your Apple device.

The experts present at My computer helper are highly secured and protected. The experts work in such environment where you will get the top-quality support with safety and security. Each moment when an expert performing on your Apple device, their activities are recorded on cam and every keystroke and click is logged automatically. We always maintain the security standards and strict quality of our service. We are a professional independent third-party service provider and we offer out of the box service to our customers regarding the Apple product troubles.

Remote maintenance and Support day or night

We are dependent at our customers for our day to day activities. It does not matter what you are using on your Apple device, whether it is online banking, bill payment, and a simple email configuration. Maintaining the capability and performance of the Apple device is mandatory.

Do not lose power. Make yourself empowered by My Computer Helper

If you are using your Apple device on a daily basis, then you must have noticed the performance of your Apple device. You may see some troubles with your Apple device such as slow download, slow bootup, temporary freezes or web connectivity. We present you the list of some difficulties that you may experience:

  • Slow download speed even when you have a strong web connection.
  • Concerns about the security
  • Boot up of the system at a very slow rate
  • Some difference in the performance of the Apple device from the time you bought it

On One has the Immunity

It is a fact that even the greatest and the latest gadgets cause performance troubles. No one in this world is immune. That is why, if an Apple device is simply used on a daily basis, then it can also experience trouble which further translates into wastage of energy and time.

Routine Maintenance is Important

Everyone in this world wants that their gadgets always work in the best condition. The same case happens to the electronic gadgets also. The Apple devices also need routine maintenance. So it is necessary that you should make a call at My Computer help and get the regular maintenance done on your Apple device.

With My Computer Helper, there is no need to reach us; we will reach you

We have set the goal to provide support for Apple devices and help our customers to avoid the experience of those troubles in future. Either you can use my computer helper to solve the concerns instantly or to get the subscription to the annual service program. My computer helper professionals are always ready to improve your Apple device performance with just a single phone call. You are only one click away to get the solution of all the troubles related to your Apple device.