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Apple Inc. is one name that needs no introduction in the world of technology. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company with headquarters in California. Without any second thoughts or any other name even close in vicinity, Apple is the most trusted name in the tech world over for their products like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Smart Watch, and of course the MacBook series and the Mac desktops. There is no scope of the doubt when it comes to the Apple UIs or the exemplary user experience when it comes to iOS, Apple’s own operating system, which makes Apple so popular. Also features like iTunes, iCloud, and so on makes the lives of Apple users much easier.

Mac is one of the foremost and leading computers and tablets operating bodies in the present time. It is created and designed by Apple Inc. Mac has developed a grip on most of the devices of other organizations as Mac is offering the best product in the market and it has set the perfect benchmark for all the other product brands. Mac has become one of the most flattered operating systems in the whole world. Mac offers the feature to personalize all the essential stuff in a single push only, and it also offers some amazing and more developed features which can be experienced by the users anytime anywhere. The users can get further information about the Mac by calling the Mac support number. The Mac representatives available at the Mac customer service have all the knowledge and information regarding the Mac products and its issues with the help of Mac support phone number. The users just have to call the Mac phone number to communicate with one of the Mac technicians available at the Mac tech support.

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Mac desktops and laptops the most rely upon devices used for personal and professional use because of their impeccable features and the Mac service that provides everything required without having the need to connect with the Mac help desk for technical glitches. There is a wide range of Mac devices that Mac tech support takes pride in – MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, and so on, which one could choose from as per requirements.

But it’s not only technology that makes Mac everyone’s go-to device, but it’s also the Mac customer service that provides its users an amazing after-sale experience with the Mac support phone number and Mac support chat. For any hardware issue to Mac technical support for software problems, you can easily find the Apple Mac support number and call Mac customer support. You can also contact the toll-free Mac phone number mentioned on the website that would get you in touch with our independent third-party support team to get your issues resolved.

Mac tech support for setting up a new Mac

If you have bought a new Mac for yourself and are considering to call Mac number to set it up, drop your worries because you can find the detailed step-by-step guide for that here.

Step 1: Check if there is an Internet connection

It is essential to set up a new Mac at a place where you would have access to the Internet because the Mac will need the network access to go ahead with some setting up steps. You should know if you need a password for the Wi-Fi so that you can use it as and when required.

Step 2: Plug in the essentials

Mac customer support suggests that you must not plug in any devices that are not absolutely essential while setting up the Mac. Plug in the keyboard, the mouse, the screen, and the Mac. That’s it. No peripherals should be attached at this stage.

Step 3: Turn on the Macmac support phone number

While some Mac machines automatically turn on when you plug them in or open their lid while some need to be switched on with the power button. You can read more about both from the Mac technical support here and here.

Step 4: Use the Mac, setup assistant

A long series of Mac helpline service windows will open up asking you for details like the Apple ID. If you had ever used an Apple device before or used iTunes or iCloud, you would have your Apple ID in place. You should go ahead and use the same one on your new Mac.

Mac help desk support recommends that you should let the Mac service assistant turn the FileVault, Find my Mac, and iCloud Keychain on. The assistant can also get your data from your older device or from some other device.

You will also be asked to create a new ID and password for your Mac by the Mac helpline. This is to secure your Mac from unwanted login and unauthorized changes.

Step 5: Check for any software updates

When the assistant is done with setting up the Mac, you will be able to see the Mac desktop, the dock, and Finder menu. In Dock, click on the App Store and then click on find any software updates and install them. It is at this stage, after your system is absolutely updated, that the Apple Mac support number suggests you to connect the peripheral devices and start using your new Mac.

So, these are some simple steps following which you can set up your Mac. If you need any help with setting up other than this or having trouble figuring something out, you can always contact the ever-efficient Mac help desk by dialing the Mac phone number or contacting the Mac support chat. You can also call on the toll-free Apple Mac support number mentioned on the website, and they will get you in touch with our independent third-party customer support team for your help.

Mac tech support for backing up your Mac

One of the essential parts of using any device is taking the backups so that in case of need, you have something to rely upon. There are a number of ways how you could back your Mac up without you having to call Mac customer service because let’s agree, who wants to call Mac support phone number when it is self-doable.

Macs come with an inbuilt software program to make backing your device up simple for you. You can use it on your own without connecting with the Mac customer support on the Mac number because It’s as simple as turning on the Time machine and then connecting an external device and it will backup your system for everything from individual files to the entire system. Mac support chat tells that it is even more efficient than an iCloud backup because this system of backup is automatic.

Mac technical support for setting up Time Machine, backing up using Time Machine, and Restoring files from Time Machine

mac number

  • Setting up the Time Machine

To use Time Machine, you will need an external device, such as a hard drive, to store your data to back up. At the instant you connect the hard drive directly to the Mac, you will get a Mac service pop-up asking if you would want to backup your Mac using Time Machine. The Mac customer support from the Mac phone number recommends choosing Encrypt Backup Disk and then clicking on Use as Backup Disk.

If you are not asked to choose any backup disk at the moment when you connect an external drive to the Mac, this is what you can do as stated by the support from the Mac number:

  1. From Time Machine menu given in Menu bar, open the preferences for Time Machine. You can also follow: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Time Machine.
  2. Click on one of these three – Select your Backup Disk, or Select the Disk, or lastly Add or Remove the Backup Disk.
  3. From the given list, select any backup disc and select Use Disk.
  4. Mac tech support also gives you the option to add multiple discs for convenience and security.
  • Backing up using the Time Machine

After you are done setting up the Time Machine, automatically it starts making hourly backups of everything done in past 24 hours, and daily backups of everything done in past month, in addition to weekly backups of everything done in previous months. When the backup disk gets full, the backups that are the oldest get deleted. You can backup your data using the following steps laid out by the Mac customer service at the Apple Mac support number:

  1. Instead of having to wait for the upcoming automatic backup if you want to go ahead with the backup instantly, choose the option Backup Now that would be present in Time Machine menu.
  2. If you want to put an end to the automatic backups, you need to open the preferences for Time Machine; then you can do away with the selection of Backup Automatically or else turn off the Time Machine. Though if you call Mac number, you will be told that you will still be able to backup manually if you choose Backup Now in the menu of Time Machine.
  3. If you want to cancel any backup that is in progress, you need to select Skip The Backup from Time Machine’s menu.
  4. To check the status of any backup, you can use the menu of Time Machine. There are icons that show when a Time machine backup is in progress, when Time Machine is idle, and when the backup process has been completed.
  5. To exclude any item from the backup, open preferences for Time Machine from the menu, click on Options, then select plus sign, go ahead and click on the plus sign and then select whichever item you want to exclude.

If you see that your backup is running slow, don’t panic or think of calling the Mac support phone number because only the first backup will take longer while the backups thereafter will be considerably faster.

  • Restoring data from Time Machinemac phone number

Instead of taking help from the Mac helpline, you can follow the given steps listed by the Mac customer support from the Mac support chat to restore your data files from Time Machine:

  1. Whatever item you want to be restored, open one window for that. Some examples that the Mac helpline provides:
  • If you accidentally deleted a file from the Documents folder, open that folder.
  • If you want to restore a message from email, open your mail inbox.
  • If you want to restore an older version of a document from an application that saves different versions of a document automatically, opens any document and then using Time Machine restore any older versions of the document.
  1. Open the Time Machine menu. In this image from the Mac technical support you can see Time Machine running for Documents folder:
    image from: Official Apple support site
  2. Find whatever items you want to restore.
  3. Select Restore to restore whatever item you have selected, or click the item while pressing to view other options.

This is how you can securely backup your system and know that your data won’t be lost even if you couldn’t access your Mac because we know how important your data must be to you. For whatever reason, if you couldn’t make a backup or successfully restore your data using Time Machine, you can visit here for Mac support for that. If you need any other kind of Mac customer service regarding data or backup, you can call Mac support phone number or contact Mac help desk through the Mac support chat. You can also call on the toll-free Mac phone number mentioned on the website, which will get you in touch with our independent third-party customer support team for your help.

Mac tech support for using Windows 10 on Macapple mac support number

Windows 10 can be installed on Mac models having OS X Yosemite or later using Boot Camp. The list of Mac devices that would support it is listed with the help of the Mac help desk available at the Mac number below:

  1. MacBook Pro (2012 – later)
  2. MacBook Air (2012 – later)
  3. MacBook (2015 – later)
  4. iMac Pro (2017)
  5. iMac (2012 – later)
  6. Mac mini (2012 – later)
  7. Mac mini Server (Late 2012)
  8. Mac Pro (Late 2013)

You can find out which Mac device you use by using the About My Mac feature instead of relying on the Apple Mac support number.

System Requirements

You will need some support software programs (drivers) to be installed with the Boot Camp in order to use the Windows 10. Mac technical support tells that the software automatically gets downloaded while you use the Assistant for Boot Camp. Boot Camp does support the 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Home along with Windows 10 Pro if it is used with a Mac that supports it. Windows 10 can be taken from Microsoft in the form of ISO file or using USB flash drives. But before you use any of the two, Mac customer support recommends you to check that the Windows installer that you are using in your machine is not an upgrade installer but could be used for full installation.

Mac service support for new installation of Windows 10

To install Windows 10 for the very first time in your Mac, you can use the following steps laid out by the Mac helpline:

  1. Check that your Mac machine does support Windows 10 (using the list given at the beginning of this section).
  2. Make sure that your Mac OS, Mac firmware, and the Boot camp are updated to the latest versions available by checking for the software updates.
  3. Open the Boot Camp Assistant.
  4. Install new copy for the Windows using the Assistant for the Boot Camp.

Mac customer service support for Performing an upgraded installation of Windows 10mac support number

If you call Mac phone number, you will be told that in case you have some earlier Windows version already installed there on the Mac, you could use the following steps laid out with the help from Mac support phone number to upgrade it to Windows 10:

Upgrading it from the 64-bit versions Windows

You can go ahead and upgrade your existing installations of 64-bit Windows 7, or Windows 8.1 to the Windows 10. You would need a minimum of 10 GB free space in the Windows partition. In case there is Windows 8.0 on your machine, Mac tech support says that first, you would have to update it to Windows 8.1 and then upgrade it to Windows 10.

  1. From the list given at the beginning of this section, make sure that you are using a Mac machine that does support Windows 10.
  2. From the MacOS, start the Mac.
  3. After you see the Mac desktop on the screen, use Apple menu to open the Apple Store. Click on the Updates tab that you see in the window of App Store in order to find out if any software updates are available and make sure that you are using the latest MacOS and the Mac firmware. Mac helpline says that it is essential to do this.
  4. From whatever version of Windows, you have currently, switch on your Mac machine.
  5. Open the Software Update available for Windows as you proceed and install the available updates.
  6. Use Windows installer in order to upgrade the Windows.
  7. After the installation has been completed, open the Software Update available for Windows once more and now install the available updates in order to make certain that the Windows Support Drivers and Software for the Boot Camp are the latest. As a part of the driver installation process, your Mac machine might restart a few times so don’t panic or hastily call Mac phone number for help.

After the driver installation process is complete, you just need to log in the Windows on your machine in order to start using Windows 10. That’s all you need to do to update your Windows without calling Mac help desk or Mac customer support for help.

Upgrading it from the 32-bit versions Windowsmac support phone number

In case you are using a 32-bit version of Windows installation on your device, Mac service support at the Mac number recommends that you should backup all the important files that you have in order to be able to remove the Windows partition that you have at present and install the 64-bit Windows version.

  1. Back up whatever important files you have in the Windows partition.
  2. Use the Assistant for Boot Camp to do away with the Windows partition that’s there and to install 64-bit Windows version on your machine.
  3. After you have installed Windows, go ahead and copy the important files to the Windows drive again.

Therefore, if you are using a Mac machine that does support Windows 10 but doesn’t have it, you can upgrade it very easily on your own without having to call the Mac help desk at the Apple Mac support number. But if you still need any help, you can certainly get in touch with the Mac customer service through the Mac support phone number or Mac support chat.

There are a whole lot of other things that might leave you looking for Mac technical support, such as content migration, battery problems, maximizing battery life, printing problems, connecting your Mac with the printer or other peripherals, using AirDrop, using Airplay, and so on. But before you dial the Mac number for Mac customer support for help regarding any of these, you can visit here and follow the on-screen instructions. You will get Mac tech support for most of your issues there without going through any hassle of speaking calling the Apple Mac support number and speaking to the Mac customer service executives.

But if you still need Mac service or support of any kind, feel free to contact the Mac helpline through the Mac support chat or call Mac phone number as per your requirement. You can also call on the toll-free Mac support phone number mentioned on the website, and they will ease your way to connect with our independent third-party support group for any kind of Mac technical support.